Epoxy Hard Sticker – A better choice for RFID solution

RFID sticker label is the common product type in the RFID asset management because it has properties such as low-cost, easy application over different object surfaces, and simple on-site installation. Therefore, it is widely used in numerous sectors, including logistics, manufacturing, and retail.

Yet, even if the sticker labels are used in the order of the day in different fields, they come with some disadvantages. For instance, these labels are made from soft materials, such as paper or PET, offering less protection and lower temperature resistance. These are brought about by impacts from the outside, hence prone to damage or detachment, leading to lapses in the management system. Most of the labels are also not deemed fit for use in the identification of metal objects or small objects, hence not able to cover all items that would then be in need of management.

Upgrades on metal tag with more protective

Wontec proposes the epoxy hard sticker, also called epoxy tag, as a solution to these problems. Epoxy, a common encapsulation material used in electronics packaging and chip encapsulation, provides excellent protection for electronic products. Its features include:

  • High-temperature resistance: The right type of epoxy can withstand temperatures up to 180°C, making it suitable for most working environments.
  • Excellent protection: Choosing the appropriate epoxy with a surface hardness of over 75D makes it less likely to be damaged upon impact.
  • Slim design: The thin layer of epoxy covers the antenna surface, making this product thinner and smaller than traditional hard tags, and unaffected by external environments.
  • Versatility and high applicability: Available in various sizes to fit different objects, especially beneficial for small dimensions.

Overall, epoxy hard sticker can not only replace sticker label products but also substitute many hard tag products, establishing a complete RFID tracking system with lower costs and smaller space.

Integrates on metal RFID solution into plant

The epoxy hard sticker can be easily applied to various equipment management. This tag, which could apply not only non-metal object but also metal surface, can simply peeling off the liner allows it to be attached to the equipment or nameplate. It could significantly reduce the installation time required by hard tags. Small-sized sticker can avoid obstructing the information on the nameplate, while large-sized sticker provide excellent reading performance, perfectly fitting every type of equipment and gear.

Collects RFID data from small Size to large size

Many assets within factories are small in size and irregular in shape, making it difficult to affix RFID tags, which is one of the problems many system manufacturers need to solve. This on metal tag particularly well-suited for these types of metal products. Not only can it be quickly adhered, but various sizes of epoxy tag can also be chosen for application on different items. Ranging from small size tag to larger size tag, they are suitable for use, perfectly integrating and solving issues that other products may not be suitable for.

Reinforces RFID sticker more durable

Selecting high-quality 3M high-adhesion, high-strength double-sided tape ensures that the labels will not fall off even under conditions of high pressure, high vibration, or high temperature. Coupled with the appropriate epoxy resin, the range of applications can be more diverse and can better meet practical usage requirements.