The Wontec International Co., Ltd. was established in November 1988 by a group of progressive youth. Their one single goal is to create the most innovative, and the most stable security tag which can meet the demand for every scenarios in RFID solution.  

We specialize in developing customer requested unique frequency and special shape with your logo on it. Which can make your tag easily impressed by user and experience the convenience of RFID technology. We are good at producing unique tags with top quality and efficient support. This is why our new designs of every model of security tag has great reputation in features of convenience, stability and cost effective in the marketing.

Our motto is “reliability is what we demand, quality is what we require, ability is what we perform”.
Wontec provides a high-quality inspection process with 100% shipment check, and conducts reliability testing for products with dedicated requirements to ensure the quality of each batch. We deliver the highest quality products and services to meet your needs.


Robust material of housing options such as anti-high-temp, fireproof, or impact-resistant enhance the durability of rugged RFID tags and extend its life span.


Each order is strictly executed in accordance with ISO 9001 standard. Each product is gone through 100% comprehensive inspection before shipment so as to minimize errors.


As a rfid tag manufacturer, Wontec produce custom tag based on individual requirements for shape, material, and frequency.

Optimize RFID Solution

Wontec Can Help; we receive many feedback that their UHF tag cannot reach to their ideal read distance. Different object would make UHF tag impedance changes, also reflection would influence read range. Provide your requirements and object. We can develop the optimized and cost efficient UHF tag that suit for your solutions. Which makes your rfid tags inventory tracking possible and reliable.

Optimize your RFID tag

Wontec's partner for RFID tag and soltuion system company


Long-term partnership with various experienced system solution company, apply on several fields. Wontec provide well-supported service and diversified products to make system integrator to expand the application.




Laser Engraving Machine

Engrave with picture, logo, serial number or UID on tags.

Inkjet Printer

Print with serial number or UID on tags.

LF/HF/UHF Test Bench

Easy and steady way to test the RFID tags.

PCB Router

Precise PCB forming machine.

Durability Test Oven

Long-term durability test makes product more reliable and robust.

Circuit Assembly Machine

Automatic circuit assembly machine makes production faster.

Mechanical Processing Machine

Machine for mechanical drilling, stamping, cropping or similar processing.

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Easy method to assemble customized cover.

Netwrok/Spectrum Analyser

Equipment for test and products development.

Auto Chip Sorter

Auto chip sorter makes production more effective.

Packaging Dispenser

Easy way to produce the custom products.

Injection Molding Machine

Ability to provide customized plastic cover.