Cable Tie Tag Expands RFID Solution

High-efficiency, high-accuracy, and low-cost management systems have become a trend in the various industries. Through these managements, enterprises can quickly and accurately grasp every piece of asset information. After collecting this information, user can adjust rapidly and optimally in management or production, while also reducing internal management cost.

The RFID management system is one such exemplary model in the above management systems. With different types of RFID tags, it’s easy to obtain the real-time status of each item and adjust instantly. However, in some cases, customers requires to purchase more than five types of RFID to meet the management needs for entire factory. This not only increases the installation costs but also, due to the variety, procurement costs would be high. Therefore, we offer a highly applicable RFID tag, the cable tie tag, which not only reduces the cost for installation but also allows for lower purchase cost. Moreover, the product can withstand various harsh environments, making it suitable for outdoor or high-temperature environments.

Upgrades Equipment Management with No Pain

In RFID equipment management, cable ties can be easily attached to the handles of the devices. The traditional method often involves installation on the device’s nameplate, which not only necessitates remaking the nameplate but also poses the risk of detachment. In contrast, cable tie tags not only allow for quick installation but also eliminate the need to remake nameplates, significantly reducing installation costs. 

Simply tie and fasten, upgrade management with no pain.

Organizes Cable & Wire More Efficient

To facilitate the management of various complex cable and wire, the cable tie tag was developed. Not only is it easy to attach to pipelines, but it also stores more information than traditional labels. This can include the pipeline name, installation and maintenance records, and descriptions of the contents. In petrochemical production management, content can be easily recorded on the tag for future inspection and maintenance, and it also helps in quickly locating the corresponding pipeline in emergency situations. In the information technology (IT) industry, each cable can be easily labeled, reducing search time during maintenance.

Makes Luxury Asset Management More Protected

Cable tie tag is definitely a good choice for high-value asset management such as luxury bag. Compared to traditional paper label, cable tie tags are less prone to damage and have better anti-counterfeiting capabilities, including the ability to write tamper-proof unique identifiers. For industries that need to prevent counterfeit products, cable tie tags can be easily and quickly installed, reducing the cost of future tracking and inspection.

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