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Reliability, is what we demand
Quality, is what we require
Ablity, is what we perform


a professional passive RFID tags manufacturer.

Provide the highest quality, reliable and superior performance custom transponder.

Offer the right solution for your needed, especially micro size RFID with special purpose. Our experts would help you to develop suitable tag with cost effective and optimized performance.

What Wontec Propose?

Well-known for its uniquely customized RFID transponder for solutions ranging from basic security access to industry field, Wontec insists on offering you reliable products to make your solution more efficient.

USB Reader

Portable and lightweight USB Pen Reader. Plug and play on your laptop without additional software or APP. It outputs as keyboard and UID number come into sight.

Security Access

Creative shapes and colorful Key fobs, Key card, and Wristband to verify the identity of visitors and manage personnel in security, time & attendance systems.


Multipurpose tags enable usage ranging from supply chain to automation that help increase inventory counting speed and lower manufacturing costs.


With extra-protected housing, transponders is durable enough to survive in hazardous areas, stabilize reading distance, and ruggedized tracking solutions.


Adaptability to harsh environments, Wontec offers RFID products withstand high temperatures and enhance impact resistance, providing better solution.


Our Client-focused philosophy motivates Wontec to go on a new-product-development tour.

What Wontec Help?


On the basis of know-how in material science, we provide a wide range of selection from anti-high-temp, collision, corrosion resistant, metal, polymer, flame and voltage endurance that assist you in finding the best choice.


Use our knowledge and expertise to build diverse transponders as versatile as possible to enable all kinds of industrial RFID needs and breakthrough challenged scenarios for warehouse and assets management.


Integrated circuit(IC) plays a crucial role, as if the brain of human body, controlling unique identifier, read/write ability, memories, who decide whether a transponder runs normally. Wontec possess multiple IC brands to support most of demand. 


Have years of experience in collaborating with RFID software & hardware suppliers, and systems integrators by customizing prototype on antenna and mechanical design, making flawless RFID projects.

Let’s Kick Off Your Project

We concentrate on exploring RFID potentials in every industry. Wontec identify customer pain points and overcome these challenges, make it as easy as possible to bring your conception into reality.

Emphasize on customer focus e.g. metal, temperature, or chemical resistance, analyze and assist in the difficulty faced e.g. band shifting problems. 
Made design proposals by our innovative technical team in terms of antenna design, material characteristic, and substrate or transponder functionality. 
Ensure productive ability by integrating mechanical, measurement equipment and processing methods. 

Combine specific application, appearance and marketability to build a prototype. 
Test and evaluate the feasibility by client and offer feedback. Adjusting and maximizing transponder performance to be aligned with the project.   

Partner with reliable material suppliers to ensure productivity and secure delivery on time. 
Optimize process line and with organized equipment and resource deployment. 
Remain flexibility for changes and keep good communication with client.